first seed sowing

Hello! Pictures of bare seed trays isn't that exciting, so instead you get to see a blurry picture of my woad, about to do something exciting. (Plan here is to let the plants flower and collect seed, and sow more for this year.)

Despite some very strange and sudden March snow, things outdoors have thawed. Garden planning and seed sowing got off to a slow start but gradually things are catching up. Today's little bit of time in the greenhouse resulted in:


Courgette, Shooting Star F1 - I've never had much luck with courgettes in this garden but somehow I end up attempting it each year. This one is an intriguing climbing golden variety.

Tomato, marmande - another thing I've never managed to grow properly, each year my poor tomatoes get blight, don't grow any tomatoes capable of ripening, or just die. Trying again with an outdoor variety despite all my instincts.

Sweetcorn, F1 Sundance - I did manage to grow this once before during a nice hot summer, so fingers crossed we get another one. Growing these would make my daughter's year.

Cucamelon - I was curious.

Peas, ambassador - Fingers crossed my daughter will share them this year.

Mangetout, Shiraz - purple pods, picked by the toddler so these will go in the little garden we're making for her.

Pumpkins - again, picked by my daughter mainly because there's a cartoon on the packet. Sigh.


Chives  - five pots, to plant up in the borders running up my front path.

Dye plants

Coreopsis tinctoria - for dye, but mainly because it's beautiful. Apparently the bees and butterflies will agree with me.

Marigolds, (French) Bonita Mixed - I got such a wonderful colour from these last year. Love them.

Dyers Knotweed, Japanese/Chinese Indigo, Persicaria tinctoria - this is probably the only thing I'll (fingers crossed) be growing in the greenhouse this year. Hoping hard for this one.

Yarrow, achillea millifolium - Such a lovely thing

I have some fairly long-term garden changes planned, but mainly for this year have decided to kind of, um, abandon the edible garden in its current form. Weeds are out of control, the soil needs work and growth on the surrounding trees means it's just not getting enough light. For this year I'm going to try mixing the edible plants in with everything else, and my father-in-law has built four little raised beds that we'll use for salad and other leafy things.