works in progress

It all happened so quickly that I didn't capture a before photo, but last week I came back from a few hours in the city to find that I had a clear site for my dye garden.

This is all thanks for my wonderful, sweet father-in-law John, who does whatever I tell him in the way I want it done, and all for a few cups of tea and the constant adoration and beady eyes of a two-year-old who likes to shout 'Grandad! Doing?!'

This is where I'm planning for the bigger permanent dye beds - madder, woad, weld and a few other things once I figure it all out.

Now I can actually see the size and shape of the space its time to do some layout sketches. I have a kind of u-shape of beds in my mind, with some recycled brick paving in the centre and somewhere to sit. Need to think about it!

It was also time to cast on with my yarn. Admiring the growing pile of natural colours on my desk was fun, but it was getting in the way. And so, a hat! This is the rhubarb root with the birch bark yarn, in this pattern. (It isn't available to all yet but will be in about a year.) Given the inspiration behind the design - the textures of silver birch - using my own birch-dyed yarn seemed, well, kind of perfect. The tones of the two colours are similar so its a fairly subtle effect, but I love it - and that's all that matters...