madder four ways

Madder made for a fun afternoon last week. A rainy one, where my daughter just wanted to sit and read and colour, while I got to play around in the little dye corner of the laundry room.

From left to right: madder with a weak iron dip, madder overdyed with nettle, madder on its own, and bluebell overdyed with madder.

Some fun results! I don't have much to say except for the details so I can keep track...

Things are getting much more technical over here, with thermometers, masks, tools for working with iron and (eek) materials for mordanting cotton... And so,

The details:

dyebath of 2 tsps madder extract and 1.9l water
4 x 25g of pre-mordanted wool yarn

skein 1: madder dyebath only, held below a simmer for one hour
skein 2: as above, but with an 1/4 tsp iron dip, heated for five minutes then left to cool
skein 3: a skein of the washout bluebell dyed yarn, in the madder dyebath
skein 4: the madder dyebath as above, but then soaked in a nettle bath for three hours, heated for one hour then left to cool overnight