i found blue!

I'm still not sure I can believe it, I keep going back to look at the yarn to check. I even asked my little daughter what it was and she said 'blue! mummy knitting,' so it does seem like I'm not imagining things.

Every year the edges of my garden are covered in bluebells, and I mean, really covered. There are so many and in so many places I feel like it's a weed, albeit a pretty one. The flowers were fading so I figured I'd throw some in my dyepot to see what happened and the result was...grey sludge. I almost poured it away on the spot but got distracted, and when I returned to it a day later and peeped, I felt like I could maybe see a hint of blue in the sludge. A little sample skein went it and the blue clung to it straight away.

This is after the yarn had sat in the dyebath overnight, and before simmering. It was as if the blue leapt onto the fibre, and left behind a pink-ish colour. Fascinating...

Who knows how colourfast this will turn out being, but it was exciting anyway. I rushed outside to gather the rest (658g) for the freezer.

Feeling emboldened by the blue success and thanks to coming across 17g of dried dandelion flowers when cleaning out my dye space, I felt like trying an overdye. Half of the bluebell yarn (16g) went in the pot. Love it - a beautiful, fresh green.

Bluebell-dyed yarn with its dandelion flower dyebath

Bluebell-dyed yarn with its dandelion flower dyebath

The details

100g fresh bluebell flowers, simmered for one hour then left to steep overnight before draining
32g of wool yarn, pre-mordanted with alum and cream of tartar
simmered for one hour then left in the dyebath to cool overnight

17g dried dandelion flowers, simmered for 30 minutes
16g of bluebell dyed yarn
simmered for one hour then left to cool