getting carried away

It all started off as needing somewhere to plant out seven little marigolds. (There used to be 40 plants, but a frost-while-hardening-off accident claimed most.) It was always the plan to use this area of the garden for dye plants, someday, but I figured I'd clear a little corner for the marigolds and leave it at that.

My daughter went for a nap which I figured would give me 20 minutes, but over two hours later she was still asleep and I'd cleared so much shrubbery that I had to order a skip. Above is actually the after picture. Before I began I couldn't even get close enough to this tree to see that its a birch. And a lovely one! (The tree that's closest, not the stump turned into a birdtable...)

30 May 2016-8.jpg

Marigolds are in! And I'm going to sow another much space to fill!