apple leaves

The blossom on this apple tree is stunning at the moment. It's a bit of a strange looking thing, left completely untended to in the years before we moved here, it's come to grow along the ground, completely horizontally before jutting up at an angle. To be honest, I've often thought of taking it out especially since its fruit are a bit, well, eww. But the leaves! I've now found out that they give a lovely yellowy, caramel colour to my dye pot, so its probably here to stay. (Though probably with a lot of pruning later in the year...)

31 May 2016-4.jpg

Here it is on the left, next to the previous birch bark experiment. I love them both.

The details

100g apple tree leaves, picked when the tree was in blossom and used fresh
covered with water and boiled for 45 minutes

25g wool yarn, pre-mordanted with alum and cream of tartar

simmered in the dyebath for one hour, then left to cool overnight