an attempt at orange

I have been a little captivated by rhubarb, and the root in particular. It just seems like such an awesome and useful plant, with every single bit having a purpose or use for me. I decided to try again with the root only, and pre-mordant fibre, to see if using the leaves as a mordant makes a difference to the colour. The answer - yes. Yes it does.

I'm gleeful about this one, and so pleased that I used a 50g skein rather than just a little sample. Definitely one to repeat.

The details

The dyebath: 50g of frozen rhubarb root, covered with water and boiled for an hour
50g of wool yarn, pre-mordanted with alum and cream of tartar as an assist

Held just below a simmer for an hour, then left overnight in the dyebath to cool.