nettles on fibre

My first attempt at dyeing nettles went pretty well, and made my kitchen smell lovely...

I ended up with a long-stewed nettle potion. After boiling for an hour the leaves ended up sitting in the dyebath for another three days until I could get to them, which didn't seem like a bad idea. This is the wool fibre, which was mordanted with alum. The fibre cooked in the dyebath, just below a simmer for an hour then was left to cool before rinsing. Leaving it for even longer before cooling might have been a plan, but I like how the colour looked.

The dyebath still had a lovely colour, so I put in a little sample of the dandelion dyed yarn from a few days ago, to see what would happen. It dried a beautiful olive colour, a bit richer than the nettle-only dyebath.

I'm really starting to too what people mean when they talk about natural dyeing producing unique colours that all work together. The colours so far are delicate, but rich at the same time. I'm getting hooked...

The details:

50g of wool fibre, pre-mordanted with alum
250g fresh nettle dyebath, kept at just below a simmer for one hour
left to cool and rinsed

10g of wool yarn, pre-dyed with dandelion flowers
kept at just below a simmer for one hour in the nettle dyebath leftovers
left to cool and rinsed