next up, nettles

Yet another plant my that is starting to fill up my garden. Or more accurately, the chicken run. Our chickens will eat pretty much anything but they draw the line at nettles. I have to routinely cut them down to get to the eggs, so if this constant cutting back can lead to something productive and colourful I'll be delighted.

My very-unexperienced gut instinct is telling me that these very young nettle leaves won't be much good, and that I'd better waiting until later in the summer for older plants. But the experimentation is fun and it would be good to have something so I can compare with a later batch.

The details

gathered 250g of young nettle leaves and a bit of stalk, first cut, chopped roughly

dyebath: the full 250g covered with water and boiled for 1 hour, left to cool and then sit for 3 days before straining