a danelion experiment

Spurred on by the rhubarb success and some good weather I went hunting for my next experiment and decided on dandelions. I have so many. Everywhere. If they were useful I might start to like them!

The details:

gathered 260g dandelion roots, washed and chopped
gathered 110g dandelion flowers

dyebath of 25g fresh roots and water to cover, simmered for 2 hours (though an hour would probably have been fine, I was holding out hope for more colour)
dyebath of 25g fresh flowers and water to cover, simmered for 1 hour

fresh dandelion flower dyebath...

fresh dandelion flower dyebath...

The resulting yarn from the leaves didn't take as much colour as I hoped, but I still really like it - a really creamy, pale buttery yellow. The roots gave me a pale brown but it didn't really transfer at all to the fibre, I'll try this again with a more concentrated dyebath and see what happens.