Hello! It's been a while. I'm still here, plotting and planning for the big empty space in my garden where the dye plants will call home in the spring. In the meantime though, I've listed much of my naturally dyed stash for sale - I just can't knit it all! I'd love to clear some space, and for a one-off sale of skeins all of which are slightly different, Etsy seemed like the best option. You can find everything here.

All yarn is fingering weight, 100% wool. Almost every skein was spun at New Lanark Mill, 30 minutes from my house. Details of dye and method are in each listing.

As a little thank you I'll be sending some little seed packets along with yarn that finds new homes. I managed to get organised enough to collect seed heads for the first time, but as usual, have far more than I could ever grow...